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A Middle Sex/Temperatures 12" Split

Image of A Middle Sex/Temperatures 12" Split

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A Middle Sex are a trio from Manchester. On 'Unclean Yawn' they weave together marathon syncopated drumming, choral singing with static drones and voices that float in through the cracks and join the party of stalactites above. Bookended by sunburned guitar and swirls of ecstatic vocals, you might just dream about the lions again. 'Unclean Yawn' drifts between bleached visions of distant 'pop' music and nauseating, nerve-fried habitats.

Temperatures grapple their way through 16 minutes of enveloping decay in 'Bifurcation'. Weirdo vocals loop themselves into a rage of gin and pain killers before riding the wet concrete wave of total abyss. Overblown electronics and submerged bass dance to the death with drums that carousel and shuffle in deep, sparse rhythm before imploding in a head down, rifle-fire free work out.

CAR001 300 Copies.

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